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YOU Are the Future of Medicine! Reclaim Your Health by Choosing Healthy Thoughts

It seems as if every week or so there is another medical breakthrough – a new miracle procedure or wonder drug. Well, the real future of medicine looks and sounds a lot more like the history of medicine than what we are seeing today. The latest cutting-edge sciences have come full-circle in their understanding of the human mind-body interface; and today’s most advanced medical advice sounds much like the words of the ancient healers and prophets – “As you think, so it is done to you. ” So,” fear not; be of good cheer.” The future of medicine depends on you; because the future of medicine begins with you. You are your own cure!

An ancient saying reminds us that, “The physician dresses the wound; but all healing comes from within.” You don’t need quotes or scripture to believe that. And two-year old who pays attention to his own scrapes and bruises understands that we just seem to heal when we are broken. Anyone who has ever been sick, or had a headache or stomach ache, has witnessed the same phenomenon with internal medical conditions. We just heal; it’s as simple as that. Well, maybe not as simple as that; but it is simple. People weren’t dying-off waiting for doctors and pharmaceuticals, or patent medicine, to come around and save them. But, now that these things are here, it turns out that, collectively, modern medicine and pharmaceuticals are one of the leading killers of Americans – and that’s when they are used appropriately!

Drugs aren’t the answer; in fact, they may be one of the biggest parts of the problem because they remove the need for people to listen to and reflect on the messages from the body. In the U.S. today, when someone doesn’t feel well, they immediately think they’re dying, or swallow a pill, or make a doctor’s appointment; when, years ago, the first response would have been to stop doing whatever it was they were doing and rest – and pray or meditate or reflect on the things in their life that may be causing them stress. So, when you hear sayings like, “You’re going to worry yourself sick,” or, “laughter is the best medicine,” do you understand what you’re really hearing? You’re hearing more reminders that it is your mind that makes you sick; and it is your mind that makes you well.

Placebo studies demonstrate the same message in a very clinical environment. In placebo trials, researchers test groups of people with the same symptoms using a new, experimental drug – and a sugar pill. The group receiving the sugar pill, or placebo, is supposedly to identify the number of people who “would have gotten better anyway” without intervention. But, this is a false premise because going to a doctor who gives you a remedy – no matter what that remedy might be – is a powerful stimulant to your body’s healing responses. Interestingly, the people in the placebo, or control, groups often match or exceed the success rates of the group taking the “real” drug – essentially proving that it just doesn’t matter what’s IN the pill, as long as you take it with faith in the context of providing you with a cure.

Most of the world does not use prescription drugs to address illness; and most of the world is much healthier than we are here in the U.S. Even in the U.S., pharmaceuticals are only a few decades old; but they have nonetheless amassed quite a horrific record – mostly benefiting Sonus Complete those who sell them. In the Bible there are stories of healing with Faith, Prayer, and Mud in the Eyes – among other things. In China, the world’s most populated nation, they have used herbs, energy, and acupuncture for over 5,000-years; and, let me repeat, they have the largest population of any nation on the planet. And now, even in America, 45% of the population is using some form of alternative or complementary medicine to address their problems – with some studies showing that well over 50% of the country has tried natural or alternative healing methods.

New, state-of-the-art sciences and technologies such as, Functional MRI’s (FMRI), CAT scans, Dark-field Microscopy, and other high-tech gadgetry and technology have allowed science to “see” acupuncture points and meridians, and literally trace the link between thoughts-and-things, or symptoms and illness – or wellness. The mind-body connection isn’t really a “connection” anymore; we are now able to see with our own eyes and sciences what the ancients knew thousands of years ago – mind and body are inseparable. So start thinking about thinking; because it is with your thoughts that you bring forth expressions of illness or wellness. Your problems are inside you; and so are your solutions. If others can reclaim their health by reclaiming their thoughts, you can, too.

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