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What Does Jack Mason Do?

“What does Jack Mason do?” is a question that has captivated the imaginations of many film lovers throughout the ages. This oddball character is presented as an odd mixture of both a genius and an idiot, all while carrying a very traditional air about him. Jack Mason is a carpenter who lives in an isolated town named Hoke County in the western United States.

Jack Mason is obsessed with cars and building them. He spends most of his free time sitting in the car working on one thing or another. One day, he gets a call from his friend Mildred, telling him that Mildred needs some wood put into a frame for her new dollhouse. Jack agrees to help her out, but when he gets home, he discovers that Mildred intends to use the money to buy a real dollhouse and not a wooden one What does Jack Mason do?.

Faced with this dilemma, Jack decides that he would like to spend his time building things for Mildred instead. Naturally, this doesn’t go over so well, and Jack soon finds himself in charge of the shop where he works. There, he meets his friend, Mildred’s daughter Sally, who wants to know what goes on at the shop. At first she isn’t impressed with the carpenter, but Jack soon makes a few secrets that make the entire situation much more exciting. Ultimately, however, Jack Mason ends up having to rescue Sally from a cluttered old house in order to give her a present she will never forget.

Jack Mason: What does Jack Mason do? Like any self-respecting carpenter, he builds the best he can for the best he can. This film follows suit, as it follows Jack as he puts together a makeshift toy store in order to pay for his friend Mildred’s dowry. The movie is filled with scenes of cars, horses, and tractors being pulled through a small town, and the ensuing chaos is occasionally punctuated by explosions. Although these near misses are entertaining, they don’t contribute anything substantial to the plot, and some of them don’t even make sense, as the entire scene is over in a matter of seconds.

What does Jack Mason Do? As is characteristic of modern comedies set in rural America (like Saturday Night Fever or Mr. Belvedere), the film simply takes place in a small, quiet town, and the larger mystery of the plot relies on how the characters react to circumstances surrounding them. For instance, Mildred’s father sells all of his shares of the farm to pay for the dowry, but when he refuses to give it to her, she decides to stage a kidnapping in order to force him to comply. The resulting events, which include her tying Jack in chains and putting him in the stock room, eventually drive him away from his home.

What does Jack Mason Do? This is a fun film that features some hilarious comedy sequences (most notably the carpenter’s failed attempt to bury his dead wife), but it lacks substance beyond the standard jokes. In short, this is a forgettable film… but that’s probably more of a criticism than an actual review.

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