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What Bodybuilding or Nutritional Supplements are Right for You?

What supplements are going to help you reach your fitness
goals? Whether it’s to add pounds of muscle, strip away
ugly body fat or help you become a better athlete or just
a more energetic and healthy person, there are supplements
that can make it much easier to reach your goals. But you have
to know what works and which supplements are just a waste
of money.

You want that extra edge that proper body building,
sports and fitness supplementation can add to your training
and nutrition program.

There’s just one problem. You are completely overwhelmed
by the insane number of products on the market with more
and more being released every day.

The magazines are filled with ads for supplements that are
better than drugs (so they say) with unbelievable before
and after pictures and outrageous claims.

You could spend all your waking hours Mellitox trying to figure out
which supplements actually work and which one’s will never
come close to their claims.

Who has the time and money to figure out which bodybuilding
supplements will actually help them achieve their goals?

I’ve wasted thousands and thousands of dollars on bogus
supplements. I keep detailed records of how they affect
my body and my results.

In fact, the August 2003 issue of Ironman Magazine
contains an article of mine on my experience with Muscle Link’s GH Stak.

I don’t want to see you make the same mistakes I have made
and waste years and thousands of dollars on supplements that
don’t work.

There are a few quality supplements in every category from
muscle building to fat burning to energy boosters and overall
health. I’ll help you tailor your supplement regime to your
specific goals.

There is no doubt in my mind that the right bodybuilding
supplements will give you that extra edge and help you
reach your goals faster.

However, it’s important to know that probably 99% of the
supplements on the market don’t do what they promise. A
lot of them don’t even carry the ingredients stated on the label.

This is also why you should stick to quality companies like
Optimum Nutrition, Labrada, Gaspari Nutrition,
EAS, Muscle Link, Twinlab, Ergopharm, AST and a few others.

Keep in mind that you need to get your training and nutrition
programs in line first, berfore you can truly see the benefit
of this supplement guide.

Eating french fries all day won’t help you build muscle, even
if you are taking supplements that actually work.

Before getting any benefits from supplements you need to get
your training and nutrition program in place. After that, you
can focus on what I call “core” supplements.

What are “core” supplements?

Core supplements are fitness supplements that I consider to be
more an integrated part of a proper and healthy overall nutrition

They make it easy for you to meet your nutritional requirements
and become part of your overall sports supplement and nutrition

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