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Smart Maths – Introduction To Maths With Abacus

Smart Maths series is set of four books. These books are meant for LKG to grade I kids. Though lot of abacus based mental maths courses are flooded in the market, there is no authentic material available in book stores on abacus. This book series is an initiative taken by a bangalore based Mental Maths education firm for benefit of students. The main advantage of this series is that primary schools and even interested parents can teach kids following the instructions given in the books.

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First book starts with introduction and physical significance of numbers, representation of numbers on abacus with lot of games and puzzles to make the learning interesting. After introducing concepts of numbers up to 50, simple addition and subtraction concepts are explained with practice sums. Later combinations in the easy format are explained clearly defining the tricky problems separately cours particuliers maths. This ensures if the child is not getting these problems – it is no big deal, the understanding will come over a period of time – this saves anxiety on part of parents.

In the other two books various combination from +/-9 to +/-1 and integrated combinations have been explained with solved examples. Tricky sums have been clearly marked. At the end of the series children will be able to perform all kinds of addition/subtraction sums up to five, two digits numbers. Mental calculations are integrated from the beginning and that will make imaging skills of the young ones sharp and will aid right brain activation.

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