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Sahajayoga Meditation and Self Improvement

Help through Sahaja Yoga to overcome stress

Sahaja-Yoga works on awakening of primordial energy within us called Kundalini. When the Kundalini rises and crosses the sixth energy centre, it brings us into a state of thoughtless-awareness – no distracting thoughts from future or past are bombarding the mind. All conflicts residing in the mind that create stress, evaporate. We enter into a state of peace within, remaining completely in the present and aware of everything around us.

Sahaja-Yoga meditation brings us into balance.

As mentioned about the human subtle system, we have a subtle body within us that consists of seven energy centres and three channels. In our daily life, either one of these channels can be more active leading to a certain state of our behavior. If we move to the right channel, we become overactive, restless, stressed and tense. If we move to the left channel, we become depressed and lethargic. But if we remain in the centre channel, we become dynamic, energetic, moral – all leading to an integrated personality. The regular practice of Sahaja-Yoga helps us to activate the centre channel.

Finally, Sahaja-Yoga connects us to the All Pervading power. We become one with the energy source, which creates, manages and nourishes the nature and is the primal spring of the energy that is called Kundalini. As we are always connected to the source of the energy, our energy centres are constantly nourished by this All Pervading power. So we always remain fresh and cheerful and do not get fatigued, tired and stressed out and completely enjoy every activity we are involved in.

Medical Research on effects of Sahaja Yoga on Hypertension

Medical Research conducted by physiology department of the Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi, India and Sucheta Kripalani Hospital on varied groups of individual Sahaja-Yoga meditators has revealed that the practice of Sahaja-Yoga is accompanied by a decrease in tension, stress, anxiety, depression and hypertension.

These studies were conducted upon 10 people in the age group of 35 to 50. They were from the department of Physiology and had no previous training in any form of yoga, meditation. They were given two days training by a qualified Sahaja-Yoga teacher in the  px7 primal flow reviews physiology department. Thereafter they practiced it 20 minutes daily, for a few weeks, under the watchful eyes of the tutor.

At fixed intervals doctors studied the effect of Sahaja-Yoga on the heart rate, blood pressure, the level of the blood lactic acid, VMA in urine, which indicates secretion of adrenalin by the body and the galvanic skin resistance (GSR), which shows whether the patients were tensed or relaxed. All 10 were patients of hypertension; some of them were on drugs. As the Sahaja-Yoga practice progressed, the medicines were reduced and finally stopped. In the 12 weeks the diastolic blood pressure dropped from the 100 to 80 and the adrenalin flow, also dropped. The GSR in the group changed from 43.9 kohms to 164.7 kohms; Mean level being 103.9 kohms

Many people practicing Sahaja Yoga regularly had already reported empirically what has now been confirmed by medical research. The outcomes of the research have shown that practice of Sahaja yoga has had various healing effects on the mind and body leading to improvements in quality of life. Various other benefits of Sahaja yoga on all living things including plant growth etc are being considerably researched around the globe.

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