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Oil Free Moisturizer – The Truth You Need to Know

If you have oily skin, you must have been told time without number that what you need is oil free moisturizer. It is true that you do not need any skin care product that will make your skin more greasy than it already is; but do you think a moisturizer that do not contain any oil at all will be effective in retaining moisture in your body?

Oils are liquid at room temper

ature and they do not mix with water; basically, they moisturize the skin by forming a barrier that prevents water from evaporating. The common ones used in cosmetics are mineral oil, olive oil and coconut oil. Mineral oil is not good for the skin because it clogs it and prevents it from breathing, thereby causing breakouts natural hair.

Jojoba Oil Refined – Green Leaf chemical

In as much as you do not need more grease if you have oily skin, the truth is that pure moisture cream or lotion will evaporate so easily; therefore you need something that will help to prevent the water from evaporating. That is why some manufacturers are using non-oil substances(Humectants) that can attract and retain moisture such as hydrogenated polyisobutene, isodecyl laurate, dimethicone, honey, glycerin and trisiloxane; that is how the term oil-free moisturizer came about.

However, if you have used any of these oil-free products, you will notice that something is really missing(they tend to dry out your skin); they don’t really seal up the moisture well enough. That goes to show that all skin types need some amount of oil.

Hence the solution is a moisturizer that contains ingredients that are good for both dry and greasy skin types; that is why some companies use light oils that do not clog the pores. Some of these include: olivem 800, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, and some other pure fruit oils. These oils are similar to the human sebum and thus are compatible with our body; therefore there is no risk of breakouts when you use moisturizers that contain any of them. When you use products that contain these light essential oils, you will realize that you don’t really need oil free moisturizer to prevent your skin from being too greasy.

Jojoba is quite remarkable because it helps balance the skin’s sebum; it moisturizes dry skin and reduces oil production in greasy skin. It has dual moisturizing effect because it forms a non-greasy layer to prevent water loss, it is also quickly absorbed into the cells.

One company I know that uses these light oils in its moisturizers is in New Zealand and sells its products on the internet; its moisturizers are good for all skin types because the ingredients used in them work together in synergy with your body to regulate you natural sebum.

Now you know that oil free moisturizer is not the best option; visit my website for more information on this company that produces moisturizers that help to balance your body sebum.

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