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Learn the Truth: Common Myths About Belly Fat Loss

All fitness gurus, models and movie stars share one similar, physical trait- they all have a flat, firm belly and abs! Yet for many of us, a flat belly is just a dream. No matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to get rid of this stubborn fat.

If if you’re frustrated with the lack of results until now, don’t give up! Sure, what you’ve been doing to date isn’t working. So simply become better informed. To begin, you need to find out just what the best approach to shedding this fat really is – exercise or dieting. This is probably the most misunderstood area of belly fat loss.

Let’s look at the myths and the truth, so you can take some viable steps to reaching your goal of a leaner waistline.

Here are the Myths and the Truth about Belly Fat Loss:

Myth #1: If you’re an apple shape, you’re stuck with belly fat.

Truth: Belly fat is made of a fat called visceral fat. Visceral fat is the fat that lies deep under the skin, tucked around the organs. Since it’s often found largely around the belly, yet is metabolically active, you’ll lose more fat from this area as you lose weight everywhere else. This fact is true with 98% of people, regardless of their shape.

Myth #2: Doing crunches will target belly fat and slim your waist.

Truth: This is probably the biggest myth out there!

Unfortunately, crunches won’t touch that belly fat or give you six-pack abs by themselves. In order to slim your waistline, you need to reduce your body fat percentage. Think about it. You can tighten your abs all day long, but if you have a thick blanket of fat  Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic covering them, you’ll never see your lean waistline.

Fact: A flat belly is accomplished by controlling your diet! A slimmer body has a slimmer waist.

Myth #3: If you want to lose weight (especially around your middle), you need to eliminate or reduce your carb intake.

Truth: To lose fat, reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates. Continue to eat your veggies and fruits, as well as sprouted grains or other complex carbohydrates. Studies show that people who ate a diet of complex carbs, plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, and low fat fish, poultry and healthy yogurt lost more weight than those who ate no carbs.

Myth #4: All fats are created equal and must be largely eliminated in order to lose fat.

Truth: Mono-unsaturated fats are healthier than saturated or polyunsaturated fats. Avocados, nuts, olive oils and canola oils belong to this list of healthy fats that can help you lose weight, (as long as you’re not overdoing it, and downing a bag of nuts per day.)

Now that you’re familiar with the myths and truth about belly fat loss, here’s another thing. There’s a lot of controversy about how you can best tell if you have too much? Here’s a pretty solid rule of thumb. Measure your waist, and check it against these guidelines. A woman with a 35″ waist, and a man with 40″ waist is carrying too much belly fat. Of course, height is a factor here — if you’re a 6′-8″ man, or a 4′-10″ woman, you might be the exception.

Ultimately, there’s a reason that celebrities and other high-profile people have a lean waist. They have access to the best trainers, nutritionists and up-to-date health news. By learning the truth about belly fat loss, you can get the results you want, too. Stay with it, and all the best in your journey to greater fitness and health!

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