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Keeping the Community Safe With Bollards

Every year thousands of pedestrians are killed and injured by motorists throughout the nation. In fact over 4000 pedestrians are killed yearly by motor vehicles. This figure represents 11% of all deaths involving motor vehicles. In 2006, 773 bicyclists were killed and an additional 44,000 were injured in traffic accidents. For bicyclists alone, it is estimated the annual cost of bicycle related injuries and death is $8 billion telescopic bollards for driveways.

Today people want to walk, ride bikes, shop, go out to eat, go to school, and perform other activities without the fear of bodily harm. As a business owner or property owner the legal and financial responsibility of not protecting pedestrians from injury or death is overwhelming and could bankrupt the owner. As an owner of a business or property there are many sensible locations that are in need of pedestrian vehicle protection.

One of the most effective and economical ways to protect pedestrians from vehicles is the use of bollards. While bollards have demonstrated their efficiency in protecting pedestrians from injury and death most communities and business are conservative in their use until an injury or death has occurred.

A more proactive approach needs to be taken in our communities and businesses to protect our tax payers and customers. In fact most of us can recall a close call with a vehicle where we had to quickly step out of the way to prevent from being hit.

At the present time, the DOT does not have set policies on the guide of using bollards. But this does not stop a city or business from defining a clear policy on the use of bollards. If we look around the world for guidance, we note that bollards have demonstrated effectiveness in protecting property and individuals.

Throughout the world bollards are used to narrow turning radii, reduce speed, widen sidewalks, prevent parking on sidewalks, and protect individuals from vehicular mishaps.

In fact, the convenience store and service station industries have used these products effectively to protect their customers and equipment from vehicular mishaps for many years. Within that industry most of the bollards and U-shaped bumper guards have come with specific structural guidelines. We have used the companies products in the past and cannot say enough about the quality, support and the structural strength of their product. But the main reason for this article is to alert you as well as to bring awareness to pedestrian, business owners, city planners, and architects about the protective nature of bollards at a very economical cost. Simply put bollards increase safety.

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