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Istria Villa for Rent With a Pool

As popularity rises with companies like Air B&B and Home Away that allow vacationers to rent private residences, and go on vacation with all of the comforts of home, more and more people are moving away from the traditional stay in a five-star hotel or luxury resort. Customers find that they get all of the comforts of home while still enjoying a vacation away. No different, Istria is now offering a villa for rent with a pool that has been entirely remodeled and modernized.

Vinhomes Riverside

Boasting over 700 square meters of lush nature surrounding the home, this Istrian villa is offered for rent as a private residence by the company. Visitors will enjoy the fully furnished home with all the comforts of never having left their home as well as the lush scenery that they’ll be surrounded by while on their holiday. The home is available daily, weekly or monthly. Those seeking an extended stay would need to reach out to the company for special rates.

Istria is located on the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. It is also a city that has been split between three countries. Certainly boasting a strong history, the largest part of the city, and the part that holds Istria and the villa for rent with a pool, is located in Croatia. Among only a few homes, but close enough to any resources, the nearest market is four kilometers away from the home. It is far enough away to feel seclude but close enough to be convenient.

A beautiful home, with a rich history, the house was built in 1903. Over one hundred years old now, it was recently entirely remodeled and modernized. All of the stone, and the pool were entirely redone as was the over 300 square meters of garden space. It has now been adapted with rustic architecture to maintain the charm of the old world, with all of the updated features and modernization of the new world to be found decorating the home.

The Istrian villa comes fully furnished with all natural colors and a pool so as to create the feeling of being in nature even when one is indoors. When vacationers show up, they can expect to enjoy all of the comforts of home, while also enjoying their time away. The kitchen comes fully stocked as well to allow guests to relax and enjoy themselves upon arrival.

There are two parts to the home. The first part of the home is the top floor. It boasts three large bedrooms and has its own kitchen and bathroom as well. There is a garden terrace that also comes fully furnished and the home even comes with its own private entrance thuê biệt thự Vinhomes Riverside.

The second part of the home is the lower studio part of the home. While it is directly underneath, this one too boasts its own kitchen and bathroom to allow for ease and comfort. It too, also has its own garden terrace that has also been fully furnished. Both homes sit beside a pool that is shared only by the guests in the two homes, and is available for use to allow for added privacy for the guests.

The villa for rent with a pool is located in Istria is an innovative way to vacation. With the rising popularity in vacationing in private homes, this offers the ideal combination of nature and amenities to allow for a relaxing stay or getaway.

The home is close enough to reach things conveniently, but also far enough secluded so as to be able to disconnect and remain disconnected should one so desire. Both the top and the bottom level are available to stay in as private villas.

Villa Palachina Antishova offers a beautiful villa for rent in Istria which is a city that is split between three countries. The part that the villa is on is in Croatia. The home is actually separated into two rentals. The first being a three-bedroom apartment complete with a kitchen and a garden terrace, all fully furnished and equipped. The second is a studio apartment on the first floor of the home that boasts its own fireplace and kitchen and also comes fully furnished and equipped. Guests can book their stays nightly, weekly, monthly or for extended stays as they see fit. Visit us:

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