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How to Tell Fake Leather From Real Leather

When you think of leather, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a strong, heavy leather bag that will make a great display in your home or business. Unfortunately, that image has been damaged by many manufacturers. Leather is no longer just about high quality, it is also about being affordable and stylish. Unfortunately, the bad press exists as well. Many men now spend hundreds of dollars on a high-quality leather bag and within a few months: The leather begins to crack. The stitching begins to loosen.

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The hardware starts to rust. There are other things to watch out for before purchasing leather bags. For example, if you choose a darker brown leather bag, then you should make sure that it doesn’t cost more than a comparable black briefcase. A darker brown presents less risk of stain damage from everyday wear and tear. If you’re buying a bag because of special occasions, such as a wedding or holiday, you’ll probably want a more expensive option that presents less risk of damage thu mua ipad cu.

The leather bag should fit your hand properly. If you’ve ever dropped an expensive item on your shoulder, you know how easy it is to have the straps and handles come off. A poorly crafted bag can even rip your shirt or pants as the stitching and the handles shift around.

Many high-quality leather bags have been constructed with Italian or Greek leather. The grain leather is higher quality than any of the other types of leathers used. This means that your investment will be made out of a more durable material. However, there is a trade-off. Grain leather is more prone to scuffing and scratching.

Shoulder straps are important for most leather bags. Many women carry their purses in their shoulders rather than their hands, which can cause damage to these straps. Leather straps are also more comfortable for your hand than the flimsy plastic ones found on many other briefcases and computers. You may also find that a more expensive leather bag has a strap made from thicker material. Thick straps are better because they are more secure against your shoulder.

Shopping for leather handbags can be very challenging. Because authentic leather handbags are expensive, finding one that’s right for you is crucial. Try going to a store with a salesperson who understands leather. This person can help you find bags that are affordable, offer quality, and are made from real leather.

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