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How to Prepare Your House For Sale – How Spot and Fluffy Can Chase Away a Sale

Success! You have fixed problems, organized storage spaces, removed clutter, painted, put in new carpeting, taken care of landscape maintenance and you have a ‘For Sale’ sign in your yard. All is good.

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You begin to sense potential buyers are going to be coming by and looking at the house. And everything is just right. Well, there is Spot, your beloved pit bull and Fluffy, your neurotic and completely non-sociable cat. People will love them and they will love all the visitors, right?

Pets are great in almost every sense to their owners. When it comes to selling you house, well, not so much. Pets present some unusual obstacles when you are selling your house. First, a lot of people actually do not like animals. I know…your dog and cat are different. People will just love them when they get to know them. My pets are different. No, they really are not. Not in the mind of a potential buyer that just does not like animals munchkin cat for sale munchkin kittens and munchkin cats.

Some people are allergic to pets. They do not have to be in direct contact with a dog or a cat…or a hamster for that matter. The hair and dander that accompanies pet ownership is enough set off an allergic reaction in most suffers.

Then there is the potential that your prospective buyer was attacked and bitten by a dog when they were young or they have an aversion to felines of any kind, for whatever the reason. Some people are truly afraid of dogs or cats…or animals of any kind. As hard as this is for animal lovers to believe, it is a fact of which you have to be aware or risk alienating that ‘perfect’ buyer for your home.

Then there is the issue of the unlikely instance that while viewing your home and during a walkthrough, a potential buyer is presented with a…well a present from you animals. How do you think they will remember your house after the leave: the wonderful wallpaper, the great back yard or the ‘spot’ left by Spot?

You will not change the mind of a non-pet lover. You have to keep them caged inside or relegated to the back yard (chained or otherwise restricting their actions) while you have guests in your home. You have to make your prospective buyers feel at ease and comfortable in your home. You want them to take their time and remember their visit with nothing but positive memories. I have never heard of someone getting an offer from a person that was forced to flee a home in fear for their life, disgusted by what they saw or affected by an allergic reaction.

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