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How to Get a Flat Tummy, Without the Gym

This article, is for people who are lazy when it comes to exercise! We all want that flat tummy that we’re proud to show off, but it isn’t easy. If you don’t have magical genetics, and you are a bit of a gym-o-phobic it’s hard to keep your weight down as you get a little older. I know this, because I am speaking from experience! We all wish we were the perfect weight, but I am one of those people who really hate exercise and dieting. Add to this, that when you are in your 30s, your metabolism has already slowed down, and we now have a problem.

Then I discovered a work out that my former office mate used to do. She was in her mid 30s at that time yet she really had flat abs. She didn’t have 4 or 6 packs but it was good enough to see that she looked fit and healthy so I asked what her secret is. She told me when she’s watching TV or lying down, she did crunches so I reacted, “Well, that’s hard,” but she said it’s a different abdominal exercise. She explained that instead of raising your head and shoulders when lying down, you instead raise your legs towards your tummy. You can do this when you’re lying down watching TV in your bedroom or after you wake up in Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews the morning yet you’re too lazy to get up yet.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Lie flat with a pillow on your head.
2. Raise your legs together to form a letter Z for your legs and body.
3. Stretch your legs away from your tummy, lowering it a bit but make sure it doesn’t touch the bed.
4. Pull your legs again towards your tummy then repeat movements.
5. Do this 50 times for the first week then double your count the following week until you’re comfortable doing 200 a day.
6. Do this for a month and you will see good results.

What I do is 50 counts in the morning when I wake up then I do another 50 counts before I sleep. I increased my counts after a week. It will only take a month to see the difference in your abs. I could say I don’t have 4 or 6 packs but I’m proud to wear a 2 piece swimsuits with flatter abs.

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