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EPA Fish Oil Can Enhance the Effect of Some Prescription Drugs

Are you frustrated with your cholesterol levels even though you are on medication to lower it? EPA fish oil may help.

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First of all, it is always a good idea to check with your doctor or pharmacist to be aware of any food, drug or supplement interaction that may be harmful to you. For example, people taking simvastatin (ZOCOR) should avoid grapefruit juice and St. John’s Wort, which decreases the absorption of the medicine.  

On the other hand, a supplement that actually supports and otherwise helps the medication simvastatin work better is   the omega-3 fatty acid EPA fish oil. You can find this fatty acid in many health food store, drug stores, and online. Just be sure it clearly states on the package that the product you buy comes from fish that live in uncontaminated waters. I’ll tell you more about that a bit later.    

In a preliminary trial Buy vape juices online, people with high cholesterol levels who had been taking simvastatin for about three years were able to significantly lower their triglyceride levels and raise the levels of HDL (“good cholesterol”) by supplementing with either 900 mg or 1800 mg of EPA fish oil per day for three months in addition to the above mentioned prescription drug. The authors of this study came to the conclusion that the combination of simvastatin and EPA fish oil may prevent coronary heart disease better than the drug alone.   

As I stated before, you need to do your research on where your omega-3 fatty acid comes from. Some companies aren’t as cautious about the quality of the products they sell to you. Their fish may come from waters that are highly contaminated with toxins such as mercury. The North Sea has been found to be heavily contaminated with toxins that the fish ingest. Those dangerous substances then get into the fish’s body. Therefore, when the oil is harvested from such fish and made into capsules, contaminates will get into the blood stream of everyone who takes the supplements.  

A body of water in the Southern Ocean off the coast of New Zealand is one area that has been tested and found to be free of pollution and heavy metals. Look for manufacturers who get their fish from this region.   

An important factor in selecting an omega 3 fatty acid supplement is to be sure it has been molecularly distilled (a process where the toxins are discarded after being separated from the oil) providing you with a safe and pure product. Also, look for the ester form of fish oil, which is the most superior type as it is easily able to enter cell membranes allowing the body to use it instantly.   

Whether you are on medication to lower cholesterol or are just trying to keep your cholesterol at proper levels, EPA fish oil supplements will be beneficial to you as you seek optimum health. To find a supplement free from contaminates like mercury, check out my web site listed in my bio below.   

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