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Credible Blog Comments – As Bloggers Should We Expect Less SPAM and Greater Quality Comments Left

Sunday morning and I am browsing the WordPress Dashboard, checking for upgrades and viewing the stats for this my website making websites blog while having the mandatory cup of coffee.

WordPress has a plugin called Akismet, which comes as part of the standard install. This plugin monitors the comments left and separates the spam from the bona-fide comments.

While savouring my second coffee I started to ponder which of the thousands of spammed comments could have been suitable for approval to my website. Having comments on your Blog improves the websites accountability. It shows that people ทางเข้า ufabet ภาษาไทย are reading your blog, and helps provide a sense of community. The comments increase the content of your blog and also offers someone else’s opinion to your blog, which could either agree or disagree with your post.

Below is a sample of what is picked up by Akismet, does it sound credible to you, and would you allow it to be posted on your website?

“Just had to take the two seconds to post a thank you. Read through through your website and really liked the written content, bookmarked and I plan on coming back soon!”

For me, well it just doesn’t sound all that credible, and in my personal opinion I can not see it enhancing my websites accountability.

At the moment this my blog is starving for meaningful comments, I have read that 1% of visitors take time to leave a comment. I am asking my readers, should I be less fussy and accept comments like the above or should I stay true and only accept on topic comments?

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