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Blood Pressure Treatment – How To Treat High Blood Pressure

How common is high blood pressure? Many individuals are diagnosed with high blood pressure, even when their resting systolic blood rate, or how hard your heart beat’s rhythms, is normally high. For many adults, resting blood pressure levels of 120/80mmHg (around five-foot-sticks) and above are regarded as normal. However, if your resting heart rate exceeds the normal range, then you have high blood pressure. Of course, hypertension of this kind may develop over time, particularly if you lack exercise and engage in unhealthy habits.

High Blood Pressure Linked to Brain Damage Risk in Later Life | Technology  Networks

The good news is that there is no silent killer or some “mystery drug” that will suddenly cure high blood pressure. Nevertheless, lifestyle changes can significantly improve these readings. One way to start lowering your numbers is to quit smoking. Smoking impairs the body’s ability to eliminate wastes from the bloodstream. Not only does this cause weight gain and increased stress on the body, but it also increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, and kidney damage cach ha huyet ap cap toc.

Obesity is a major risk factor for hypertension. A sedentary lifestyle and poor food choices can increase your chances of developing this condition. Weight gain, along with a lack of physical activity, can make you feel lousy and tired throughout the day. This can further lead to decreased blood pressure readings. Of course, if you lose weight and keep it off, you will begin to feel better, but you can also prevent hypertension and other serious medical conditions by eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Medications can help treat high blood pressure. These medications act on the kidneys, naturally decreasing the numbers of blood vessels that enlarge. These medications, called antihypertensive medicines, should only be taken as needed, according to your doctor’s instructions. In some cases, lower numbers of blood vessels may be necessary to control high blood pressure. Talk to your doctor if you think you might need medication to reduce your numbers.

Lifestyle changes are just as important as prescription medications. These changes include maintaining a proper weight and quitting smoking, along with making sure you get plenty of rest each night. Making these lifestyle changes can go a long way toward lowering your high blood pressure numbers.

If you’ve had high blood pressure for an extended period of time, your doctor may recommend testing your BP more often. You should aim for at least weekly readings on your Systolic and Diastolic BP. If you’ve had hypertension for many years and your numbers are still high, you should probably get tested at least twice a year. Your doctor will likely want you to complete a lifestyle change program in addition to testing and taking medications. Changing your lifestyle is one of the most important ways to control your blood pressures and it has the biggest impact on your health.

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