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Bible Verses That Can Help With Your Walk in the Spirit

Spiritual people are showing up everywhere because this is the time when it was promised that this would happen. Ezekiel 39:29 clearly states that God’s spirit is pouring out over the House of Israel. The question is whether or not you belong to that group? You would certainly know if you are being called away from religions and the things of this world.

There is an inner voice silently invoking certain guidance and influencing your decisions. If you feel it then give way to that leading and come to the Spirit in a positive way. That’s what the Old Testament prophecies are about bible verse about comfort.

Isaiah 57:14 calls for the removal of the stumbling block that stands in the way of God’s people. Since my reincarnation that has been shown to me in visions and my research done under the instruction of the Spirit led me to the invention of Jesus Christ and that of Mohammed. Constantine, a Roman Emperor, established the Catholic Church in 325 AD and put up an image for people to worship as the Son of God. That is explained in Revelation 13:13-18

Prior to that time there was no Christianity or the Muslim religion. At the end of the 4th CAD Jerome and his cohort Augustine Dea, also known as Augustine Hippo, compiled the New Testament to strengthen the credibility of the prophet. On the order of the Vatican the latter found a willing participant in the next part of the conspiracy to formulate another religion based on a prophet. He managed to recruit one Mohammed and to train him into the role.

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