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3 Tips To Get A Flat Belly

Just say you’ve been on a diet and you appear to be losing weight but it’s the stubborn belly that still remains as a muffin top over your jeans, skirts and trousers. For once you want to lose it and experience showing off a flat belly especially during the summer season, who doesn’t want some kind of bikini body?

Belly fat is partly due to hormonal imbalance as well as water retention, inefficient digestion so it’s important to get the digestive fire going so that you can achieve that flat belly and feel as you have lost weight.

Combine Vegetable Juice with Water
Try and drink vegetable juices instead of fruit juices. If you must have fruit juices make sure they are not from concentrate as these contain the most sugar. Vegetable juices can be delicious. A good combination is an apple, kiwi, pear, lime, cucumber, spinach and celery which have excellent detoxifying properties. If you hate Okinawa Flat belly tonic drinking water by itself and find it rather monotonous drinking 2 litres of water a day, try mixing a little vegetable juice with still or sparkling water for a variation from plain water.

Chunky soups vs Pureed soups
Opt for chunky soups with vegetables and pieces of chicken or fish rather than pureed soups or better still, the Japanese style soups with pieces of chicken and vegetables are very good for you, and have a very cleansing effect on the body. When you are on a more liquid diet, ensure you take vitamin supplements because as well as toxins, minerals can leave the body when you’re drinking a lot of water.

Savour Your Mouthfuls
Have you ever wondered why people from the South East Asian continent remain so slim and healthy? The wide use of chopsticks to eat food slows down the eating process so you have to savour and chew your food in small amounts rather than shovelling food, chewing a few times and then swallowing your food. In the West, we are so used to eating in a hurry or with little time we forget that we need to taste our food.

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