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2 Excellent Flat Belly Workouts That Most People Don’t Know Exist

Okay, if you’re desperately seeking ways to get a flat belly then you’re right where you need to be. In just a couple minutes, I’m going to reveal 2 exercises that will flatten your belly. These 2 exercises will work your ab muscles and other body parts at the same time. To be quite honest with you, the best way to activate fat loss in the abdominal muscle is to do total body movements that indirectly engages the abs. That is why I urge people to avoid doing situps, and crunches because they are not the most effective ab exercises.

I know you’re a little confused, here’s what I mean when I say train the abs indirectly. For instance when you exercise, you have your primary muscles and your secondary muscle (also known as supporting muscles) involved during the movement. Okay let’s look at what muscles are involved during a pushup. when you execute a pushup, you’re primary working the pectoral muscle, but your supporting muscles like shoulders, and triceps are also getting a workout. It doesn’t stop there okinawa flat belly tonic because the abs are in operation as well every time you perform a pushup. The belly serves as a supporting muscle for pushups and many other exercises. That’s why doing exercises that indirectly penetrate the abdominal muscle is more effective than traditional ab workouts like crunches, and situps.

Here are two exercises that indirectly works your stomach muscles:

1. Bodyweight wood chops

The wood chop is an amazing exercise as it involves a lot of the major muscle groups. It mostly trains the shoulders, but if you could place your hands on your abs while you’re performing this exercise, you’ll notice that your stomach is hard as a rock. That’s because wood chops indirectly put a lot of pressure on your abs. Doing 20 bodyweight wood chops is more effective than doing 100 sit ups. Ladies, even you can do this exercise without fear of getting thick in your waist.

2. Push ups

When you perform a push up, make sure that you tighten your abs. If you do that throughout the push up, your abs will be screaming bloody murder afterward. The abs will be working hard throughout each pushup. The pushups primary works the upper body, but if you do exactly what I say, you’ll discover that pushups are a great exercise to flatten your belly.

Okay there you go, do these 2 flat belly exercises and you’ll notice definition in your upper body as well as you abs. Try doing these 2 exercises 3 times a week, 2 sets of 15 reps. 

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